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We control what you make as you make it. 

Measuring what was made poorly is costly compared with automatically making it right in the first place.

You’re a manufacturer.

You’re constantly assessing the productivity of your processes.

To manufacture to the top of the yield you need to save on scrap, downgrades, power consumption, raw materials, customer complaints and staff costs. Process controls and instrumentation make that happen.

process control and instrumentation
Ganley Engineering

Fast Return

Get a very fast return on your investment. 

Ganley Engineering Ltd specialises in the technology to measure and provide on-line and at-line control of moisture, oil, fat, protein, resin, caffeine, sugars, caffeine, colour, coatweights, adhesives, co-extrusions, barrier layers and more.

Ganley Engineering Ltd have been involved in the sales, commissioning and service of in-line and at-line process controls and instrumentation to a wide variety of multinational and New Zealand manufacturing companies for over 20 years. We represent NDC Technologies, the largest process control sensor manufacturers in the world and preferred supplier to most multi-national house-hold name manufacturers.


Real Time

Get a very fast return on your investment.


Improved quality


Reduced scrap


Full QA reporting and recording during the process


Reduced raw materials


Reduced energy requirements


Improved yields


Right first time, every time

Controlling the Process

We Supply

process measurement
processing controls
process control tools
process control tools
process control management
advanced process control technology
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Colour Measurement

Control the Manufacture

Control the manufacture and processing of baked foods using colour.
Instrumental colour measurement is an essential part of the quality analysis of baked goods for food manufacturers around the world.

Key Applications include:


snacks, starch, cereals, milk powders, infant food, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, biscuits, ingredients, potato flakes, tea, breadcrumbs, flour, refined sugar, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, dairy products, pasta dough, meat, confectionery, grape pomace, freeze dried products, fruit, french fries and others

Some of the applications we control the manufacture and processing of include;

Animal Feed:

bagasse, sugar-beet pulp, dark grains, alfalfa, orange thrash, grass, fish and meat meal, rendered meals, pet foods, soya meal, gluten meals, fibres, oilseed


batch drying and blending


copper, lead and nickel ores, sinter mix, phosphates, bauxite, chalk, fluorspar, bentonite, kaolin, limestone, dolomite, biofuels, fertilisers

Wood products:

wood chips and pulp, OSB, MDF, particle board, timber, veneer, wood fibre and waste


explosives, resins, detergents, rubber crumb, cellulose, polymer chips and powders, chemical powders, neoprene rope, sewage sludge

Building products:

ceramic powders for tiles, clay, sand, concrete mixes, cement, quartz sand

Oil extraction:

residues from olives, palm and soya


cotton, filter tow, acetate, textiles, rayon, tire cord


sewage sludge, composted waste, cork

More Information
processing control system

For further details visit; www.ndc.com

process control instrumentation technology

We also supply Ashridge Engineering power transformer monitors as specified by electric power providers. For further details visit; www.ash-eng.com

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